Monica contacted me with a custom wedding photography package in mind, she wanted a bridal session and needed only two hours coverage on her wedding day.

Her wedding venue was to be Chapel Dulcinea near Austin Texas, which is a European looking open air wedding chapel. Taking the style into consideration she chose to have her bridal photos taken at Villa Antonia by Lake Travis, which matched very nicely. I hadn’t seen Monica’s dress before I arrived at Villa Antonia and when she came down the spiral staircase I knew instantly it was going to be an amazing shoot. She looked beautiful.

The wedding ceremony was around mid day and you could really feel that Texas heat, but you wouldn’t know it by the looks of the bride and groom. Monica and Carlos agreed to any ideas I threw at them and they even threw a few at me. You could tell they were in love by the way they wiped the sweat from each others foreheads just before locking eyes and leaning in.

The couple had a heartfelt and intimate ceremony. The kind where the vows and smiles are equally deep. It was very touching.

As is tradition I brought my 35mm film camera along packing black and white film and I’m so glad I did. Some shots just couldn’t be done any other way.

The bright sky gave the whole scene a very Tuscan look and the colors came together gorgeously.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such a meaningful d, and proud to  say I preserved these memories for such wonderful people.